Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Hands-On Preview (New Gameplay)


Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Hands-On Preview (New Gameplay)

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth sees Cloud and his pals free of the city of Midgar, and into the open. Lucy and Tam recently played a chunk of the game, and discuss the changes to the battle system, including playing as new characters like Red XIII and Sephiroth, and the new synergy abilities.
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In 2020, Square Enix managed to pull off what many thought impossible by remaking Final Fantasy 7 and delivering a game that reimagined the beloved role-playing classic with modern day gameplay. But we all knew that, inevitably, the story of Cloud, Tifa, Barrett, and Aerith would need to break out of the confines of Midgar and venture beyond, and with that Square Enix would need to address narrative moments that have become so iconic within the culture of video games that even people that haven’t played Final Fantasy 7 have an understanding of their impact.

Tamoor and Lucy recently went hands-on with two parts of the game: "The Fated Mt. Nibel Mission" and "The Open Wilds of Junon," and discuss the narrative changes and additions they experienced, the new additions to gameplay, and ponder whether or not just how big the game’s world will be.

Date: September 21, 2023