Kingdom Hearts 2: 10 Things It Doesn’t Tell You (And You Gotta Know)


Kingdom Hearts 2: 10 Things It Doesn't Tell You (And You Gotta Know)

Kingdom Hearts 2 is probably the most beloved entry in the franchise. It dramatically expands on the story and ideas of Kingdom Hearts and Chain of Memories while adding deeper action and a lot more variety in the moment-to-moment gameplay. Unfortunately, it’s also kind of bad at telling you how all of this new stuff works or what it means. With the Steam launch for the entire series finally right around the corner, we’ve compiled 10 things that Kingdom Hearts 2 doesn’t tell you – and you really gotta know – to make your life easier.

00:00 Intro
00:40 The Struggle Weapon Choice
01:38 More AP in Twilight Town
02:33 The Dive to the Heart Weapon Choice
03:33 Get Some Extra Items in Twilight Town
04:19 Set Your Shortcuts for Magic and Items
04:57 Choose Your MP Charge Settings
06:10 Manage Your Allies and Their Spells
06:41 Collecting and Solving Puzzle Pieces
07:13 Do New Episodes Immediately
07:33 You’re Going to Do a Lot of Backtracking
07:55 More Kingdom Hearts 2 Tips!

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Date: June 16, 2024