Vanguard Developer Chat | Solstice STREAM RECORDING


Vanguard Developer Chat | Solstice STREAM RECORDING

The Solstice event, taking place between 20 June – 1 July, marks the biggest update to EVE Vanguard to date, with a new map, a first look at the adaptive weaponry system, new objectives, and new tools to play with, many of which are based on feedback from monthly First Strike playtests.

In this stream recording Community Developer CCP Peeceful talks with Lead Product Manager CCP Collins and Senior Technical Artist CCP Sneaky Snake.

More details on Solstice event here:

Don’t miss out on an amazing opportunity to have a real and foundational impact in the development of the ultimate sci-fi sandbox FPS steeped in rich player-driven history. Etch your legacy in the EVE universe today.

Join the Vanguard in Solstice:

Date: June 22, 2024